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About me

My passion for animation started with creating short stop motion animations when I was 9. The joy of creating and watching inanimate objects such as LEGO figures and clay come to life with small movements is what turned animation into a hobby of mine for many years. As the years went by I started experimenting with 2D traditional animation as I wanted to explore the different types of mediums that the subject has to offer and expand upon my knowledge as well as challenging myself further. 

When I was given the opportunity to take animation as a university subject, that was when I started getting even more passionate about it since it meant that I could learn more skills and work towards turning into a hobby into a job. I've had a chance to explore digital 2D animation as well as 3D animation which is what I now specialise in.

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The Chase

As a passionate 3D animator, I am thrilled for the opportunity to bring my skills to the industry. Throughout my academic journey I have honed my skills to various animation types to help improve my work and prepare me for challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Character animation has always been striving me to improve my skills in various ways through movements and emotions, and the outcomes are a rewarding experience. I am dedicated to refining my skills and learning more so that I can constantly improve upon my work to aim to create believable characters that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

With knowledge and experience of Industry standard software I am ready to contribute my skills to the field of 3D animation and I am eager work with industry professionals. My goal is to create projects that leave a lasting impact and engage the audience through various methods of animation.

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